Feb 17, 2008

How Web 3.0 and Lifestyle 3.0 Converge at DNA Testing

In parallel with the evolution of “web 1.0”, “web 2.0” and “web 3.0”, Richard Dale formulates the concept of “lifestyle 1.0”, “lifestyle 2.0” and “lifestyle 3.0”. It is so refreshing: a must read!

Here I re-analyze Richard’s concepts from the perspective of self-consciousness. My argument is that the development of the Internet and i-lifestyle is purely driven by human psychology.

  • Life Style 1.0 -- a.k.a. Self awareness: It is an explicit understanding that one exists. Furthermore, it includes the concept that one exists as an individual, separate from other people, with private thoughts. For instance, Joe created a personal webpage in 2001.
  • Life Style 2.0 -- a.k.a. Self disclosure: At this stage, one will both consciously and unconsciously reveal more about oneself to others. For instance, Joe joined the Facebook in 2006 to share his photos from a trip with friends.
  • Life Style 3.0 -- a.k.a. Self perception: At the 3.0 stage, one will develop his attitudes by observing our own behavior/genetic makeup and conclude what attitudes must have caused them. For instance, Joe ordered a Genetics Test in 2007 and put the results into his personal health record (PHR).

As the analysis goes on, we can find that the ultimate drive of web 3.0 is not semantic web, but Genomics Testing!


Andrew Meyer said...

Hey Dr. Lin,

Cool blog and welcome to The DNA Network! I just joined myself.

Looks like your background in genetics can make-up for my zero background. :)

Steve Murphy MD said...

Dr Lin,
Welcome to the Valley of the "Real"
Greats posts, keep it up.