Jan 3, 2008

About Me and this Consumer Genomics Blog

I was trained as a physician. Eleven years ago, I started to conduct medical research. In my day job, I am a bioinformatics scientist. I have been tracking direct-to-consumer genomic products since 2005. Earlier 2007, I started using "consumer genomics" and "consumer bioinformatics" in an academic grant to describe the paradigm shift of genomics and bioinformatics from the lab to the consumers.

Now my academic research interest also includes consumer education, access, and interpretation of genomic testing results -- an activity I called "consumer bioinformatics".

I will address the consumer, science, and business aspects of direct-to-consumer genomics in this blog.

I am going to discuss the following issues:
  • The importance of data portability in consumer genomics
  • The consumer aspect of consumer genomics
  • and much more ...

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